What we do?

10,000+ Products &
300 years experience

With a team who is Driven By Service there is not much that we cannot do! Speak to our team (who have combined industry experience of 300+ years) and we will ensure we find what you are looking, in record times and at the best prices!

The Members

These are the guys that have put in the blood sweat and tears for the last 15 years. They have gone through good and bad times but mostly great times together building and trying to provide opportunities for talented and motivated people to not only grow in themselves but grow in our family. With family being a number one priority within the business , they always try and lead and guide by example, always there to assist in making a happy and friendly working environment and keeping our moto “driven by service” close to their hearts. This group of average guys , took an opportunity with both hands and clawed their way out of some trying times and have manged to grow the company into a formidable and profitable business. And with a strong faith and family values leading the way , continue to soar above the competitors!

Combined Experience: 87+ Years

Management Team

These guys and girls work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep each department running smoothly and effectively , making sure that all the I’s are dotted and all the T’s are crossed makes them a special part of keeping our family running optimally!

Combined Experience: 120+ Years


Technical Internal Sales Department

These guys and girls are there everyday pushing out the paperwork and quotes and providing the back up and support for our Technical externals as well as fielding 100’s of calls and enquiries daily. These guys and girls work tirelessly to provide great advise and service to anyone who calls or visits our shop.

Combined Experience: 160 Years


Technical External Sales Department

These guys travel throughout the province to provide expert advise on site daily. These guys are no doubt familiar faces to many of you, our clients.

Combined Experience: 112 Years


Accounts Department

The ladies who run debtors , creditors and all the general administration of the business. These are the ladies who ensure we keep it clean!

Sales Manager

Pierre wears his heart on his sleeve, always willing and motivated to assist. His passion for our industry is contagious with everyone around him being fuelled by the energy.


Bearing, Motor, Gearbox & Drives

For anything that turns or needs to move these two gents have it covered. With a wealth of experience they have seen it all!


Stores & Drivers Team

These guys work tirelessly to get the correct items pulled , packed and delivered to our many clients. Just another part of our promise to be “ driven by service “

World class suppliers who make up some of the 10,000+ products we supply