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What started off as an “engineering supply” company in 1981, has developed into a powerhouse of trade and industry. A.C. Crampton has become the name synonymous in the industry for its great service and delivery in any and all fields.

Whilst we have still held true to the core “engineering supply” part of our business, we have grown and developed into so much more than that. Always trying to change and be innovative, in these trying and challenging times, we have opened up several new and exciting divisions in the business enabling us to become a “one stop shop” to our 500 plus client’s country wide.

From woodworking to motors and gearboxes, bearings and lubrications, PPE gardening, power tools, fasteners and pulleys, conveyors belts and even a bit of DIY, A.C. Crampton will have you covered.

Partnering with some key brands, we strive to give our customers the best possible products at the best possible prices, delivered to your door.

We strive to provide our customers with the ability to call or email us and leave all their purchasing problems in our capable hands. From the day-to-day tea and coffee, to design and manufacturing, we can make it happen. With a collective knowledge of over 600 years’ worth of sales and expertise you can rest assured that we will get whatever you are looking for.

World class suppliers who make up some of the 10,000+ products we supply

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